1. (Music for Video) Beautiful Morning / Technology

  2. (Music for Video) Majestic Adventures / Epic Cinematic

  3. (Music for Video) The Game Has Begun / Powerful Countdown Trailer

  4. (Music for Video) Take Me Now / Violin Dubstep

  5. Beautiful Memories

  6. (Music for Video) The Spirit Of Chivalry / Opening Epic

  7. (Music for Video) The Serenity / Chill Out

  8. (Music for Video) A Long Sleepless Night / Thinking Ambient

  9. (Music for Video) Last Temptation / Grand Opening Epic

  10. (Music for Video) Leonid / Electro House

  11. A Modern Arabian Story

  12. (Music for Video) Pirate Treasure / Pirate Epic

  13. (Music for Video) The Last Battle / Movie Trailer

  14. (Music for Video) Energy Inside / Energy Percussion

  15. (Music for Video) Good Times / Inspiring Piano

  16. (Music for Video) Tranquillity Island / Ambient Meditation

  17. When She Was A Young (Orchestral)

  18. (Music for Video) Twilight Philosophy / Beautiful Glitch Lounge

  19. (Music for Video) Heroic Adventures in the Lost World / Epic Orchestral

  20. (Music for Video) Walking on the Moon / Background Abstract

  21. (Music for Video) Rise to Greatness / Strings

  22. (Music for Video) Digital World / Futuristic Dubstep Background

  23. Beautiful Love Story

  24. (Music for Video) Energy of Your Dreams / Atmospheric Breakbeat

  25. (Music for Video) The Pure Energy / Sport Action

  26. (Music for Video) Power of Motivation / Inspirational Dubstep

  27. (Music for Video) Your Own Universe / Abstract Ambient

  28. (Music for Video) The Clouds / Atmospheric Technology

  29. (Music for Video) Summer Vibes / Beautiful Lounge

  30. One With The Ocean

  31. (Music for Video) Lo Fi Hip Hop Lounge

  32. (Music for Video) Magic Ambient

  33. (Music for Video) Power Inspiration

  34. (Music for Video) Powerful Battle Trap

  35. Beautiful Sunny Morning

  36. (Music for Video) Beautiful Futuristic Chill Out Background

  37. (Music for Video) Emotional Orchestral Background

  38. (Music for Video) Ambient Soundtrack

  39. (Music for Video) Inspirational Piano Trailer


Audio Infinity Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

My name is Aleksandr. I create high-quality instrumental background music for different media projects, such as: YouTube videos, movie trailers and documentary films, TV and radio advertising, corporate and business presentations, social media, websites, TV and radio shows and for many other purposes. ... more

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